Rose State TRIO Recognizes Outstanding Students and Scholarship Recipients Published May 8, 2024

trio awards

Rose State College's TRIO program proudly acknowledges the achievements of three exceptional students who have been inducted into the ODSA Hall of Fame: Jennifer Byers, Aldo Carreon Velasco, and Yesenia Villanueva. Additionally, the program extends congratulations to four scholarship recipients: Debi Fox, Dynasty Poire, Theresa Gordon, and Hazell Rojano. 

Several students from the TRIO program successfully completed their degrees in fall 2023, showcasing their dedication and academic excellence. The graduates include Aldo Carreon Velasco (Health and Sports Sciences), Ashley Gonzalez (Liberal Studies), Mary Monden (Nursing Science), DeAdrian Noble (Social Sciences), Stephanie Ralls (Sociology), Lyne-Maris Sama (Criminal Justice), Shea Shick (Enterprise Development), Jasmine Valdez (Liberal Studies), Yesenia Villanueva (Liberal Studies), and Melissa Woodard (Nursing Science). 

Furthermore, Rose State College TRIO program celebrates the spring and summer 2024 graduates, recognizing their commitment to academic success. The graduates include Danielle Adams (Liberal Studies), Jazmine Bordeaux (Baccalaureate Track-Nursing), Debrisha Boykins (Enterprise Development), Jennifer Byers (Psychology), Kaeden Gilmore (Political Science), Serena Horinek (Health & Sports Science), Vance Raymer IV (Business), Asmara Smith (Enterprise Development), Desiree Williams (Liberal Studies), Rachel Wyatt (Modern Languages – Spanish), Alecia Young (Nursing Science), Francisco Arredondo (General Science), Iridia Chavez Mares (Criminal Justice), Chubba Davis (General Science), Debi Fox (Baccalaureate Track – Nursing), John Pierce (Liberal Studies), Jocilyn Pierce (Liberal Studies), and Crystal Sommers (Psychology). 

The TRIO program at Rose State College continues to foster academic excellence, providing support and opportunities for students to achieve their educational goals. Through initiatives like the ODSA Hall of Fame and scholarships, TRIO recognizes and celebrates the achievements of its outstanding members. 

For more information, visit Rose State College TRIO on our website.